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Ireland's Cherished Symbol of Friendship, Loyalty and Love.

Friendship. Loyalty. Love. The Claddagh Ring is an eternal symbol of all three. Though the recognizable Irish emblem of two hands reaching for each other around a heart and topped with a crown is ubiquitous among many cultures, there has never been a comprehensive account of the origins, history, and meaning of the Claddagh Ring until now.

Following the success of his recent Running Press titles Danny Boy and Voices of Ireland, McCourt tells the story of this beloved Irish symbol through vivid anecdotes, charming folk tales, and recent incidents. The Claddagh Ring is said to have been conceived by Irish native Richard Joyce after being captured by Algerian pirates and the need for faith and endurance was foremost in his mind. This is much more to the ring's tale than simple popular history, and McCourt, with his vast knowledge of Ireland, is just the person to track it down and recount it with his stellar storytelling finesse.