$1.5 Million in BTC Gone: Cyberthief Attacks General Bytes ATMs

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• General Bytes ATMs were attacked by a group of cyberthieves and lost $1.5 million in BTC.
• The hackers took advantage of a zero-day vulnerability that prevented transaction losses from being reversed.
• General Bytes is currently collecting data from customers, cooperating with federal officials, and performing an internal investigation to better understand what occurred.

General Bytes ATMs Attacked

A group of cyberthieves have drained all the coins and funds from several bitcoin ATMs throughout the world hosted by a company called General Bytes. The thieves managed to take advantage of a zero-day vulnerability which prevented any transaction losses from being reversed.

General Byte’s Losses

General Bytes released a statement apologizing for the incident, explaining how the hackers were able to gain control of the machines and flee with so much money, as well as informing customers that they will no longer be managing CASes on behalf of its users going forward.

Investigating The Incident

The managers of General Bytes expressed their surprise at the incident given their previous security audits had never detected such vulnerabilities in the past. They are now in the process of collecting data from customers to get an idea of individual losses, while also cooperating with federal officials and conducting an internal investigation into what happened.

Increased Security Measures

In order to try and prevent similar incidents occurring again in future, terminal holders will now be required to manage all future servers themselves. In addition, General Bytes has promised to review all security procedures in order to ensure such breaches do not occur again in future.

Apology From General Bytes

General Bytes issued an apology for what happened insisting that they are doing everything they can to help affected customers get back online as soon as possible and continue operations with their ATMs safely once more.