BitiCodes Review – Scam or Legit?

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BitiCodes can be described as an automatic cryptocurrency trading robot that can trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for the user using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Due to the volatility currently observed in the digital assets industry, people are searching for ways to earn gains without much knowledge. However, do you think it true that the BitiCodes trading software a fraud or legitimate? This guide will go over a deep look at BitiCodes AI cryptocurrency trading bot to find out if it is actually beneficial for investors.

BitiCodes Overview

Before we look into this automated trading platform this table provides the basics of what you can be expecting, as per BitiCodes‘ website. BitiCodes site.

Type of PlatformCrypto Trading Platform
Cryptocurrencies AvailableBTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and more
Withdrawal SpeedsInstant withdrawals
Minimum Deposit$250

BitiCodes Platform: Explained

BitiCodes is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that offers traders with a brand new method to invest in cryptocurrency. The platform makes use of artificial intelligence to create software that automatically scans cryptocurrency markets that are volatile. Based on the analysis performed by the BitiCodes cryptocurrency trading bot, the program suggests the best moment to start new trades as well as open positions for Bitcoin and other well-known cryptos. Because many novices are looking for a more simple option to make investments in digital currencies, BitiCodes saves investors a significant amount of time, by taking on the responsibility of making trades for traders. As per the BitiCodes website Manual intervention is only necessary when opening an account and making the minimum deposit required to start trading. When you deposit $250 or more into the account then the BitiCode software will begin to perform the work and is able to scan the market in real time. But, investors are able to regularly check the platform’s performance and also withdraw the funds they have deposited at any moment. Most importantly, BitiCodes is a free cryptocurrency trading bot. There aren’t any sign-up costs or account maintenance charges that allow investors to get the majority of their profits back.

Pros and Cons

Let’s now examine the benefits and disadvantages of trading using BitiCodes. Pros

  • No additional sign-up or trading fees.
  • Crypto Trading Software that opens trades automatically
  • Very little or no human interaction is required
  • Cryptocurrencies with high caps for trading such as Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • It is beneficial to those who do not have previous experience in trading crypto


  • Minimum deposit of slightly high ($250)
  • Robots for trading in cryptocurrency are not regulated.

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How Does BitiCodes Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

The distinctive feature for BitiCodes is its auto-trading bot that runs software that calculates the ideal time to start new crypto trades. According to BitiCodes its website, it utilizes advanced technology to monitor the price changes of the major cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more. The extremely powerful AI algorithm that BitiCodes utilizes are employed to determine crucial information points by analysing key technical and market fundamentals. When the bot for trading crypto discovers potential profitable trades that it can make new trades for the investor.

 In addition it also scans for the best time to exit a trade. AI software will also identify the most appropriate time to end an investment by implementing solid stop-loss procedures to make profits or to avoid losses. Additionally, BitiCodes states that it collaborates with other brokers to operate and manage the platform, however we haven’t been able to confirm this assertion. BitiCodes also states that all orders are executed by ‚highly precise robots for trading‘, which increase the likelihood to make a profit. We could however not locate reliable data to support the claim.

BitiCodes Top Features:

The next chapter of BitiCodes review of the crypto trading bot will examine the top features of the platform.

User Interface

The most notable aspect that is unique to this BitiCodes system is the straightforward user interface created to appeal to those who are new to crypto investing and beginners. With minimal effort needed by traders, the automatic trading platform does the majority of the work of the customer. You only need to create and verify the account in order for the account to start. Once they have deposited a minimum of $250, account holders can activate the software. Once this is accomplished, BitiCodes will begin scanning the market and initiating new trades every day. Traders are able to access their BitiCodes account using the internet and require a reliable internet connection to start. Furthermore it is claimed that the BitiCodes website promises that it is compatible with any device. BitiCodes can be accessed through its website as well as mobile, and tablets. This makes the cryptocurrency trading bot accessible anytime.

Personal Account Manager & Customer Support

The BitiCodes website states that it will provide each new user with their own account manager, after the registration process is completed. Traders can reach the account managers through Whatsapp, Telegram, email and telephone to address any questions related to their account. In addition to accounts managers BitiCodes users can also access the customer support department 24/7. Customer support provides the same accessibility as account managers, and they are also accessible via various ways on the internet, including Telegram, email, and so on.

Demo Account

The BitiCodes website claims to provide investors the option of a demo account that allow users to use the features of the account as well as software without having to invest any real funds. A demo account can provide similar features to the normal account, but will use virtual money to fund new accounts and invest in assets. Demo accounts are useful for traders wanting to try a different platform with no risk to real assets.


As security is an important aspect of any crypto trading service, BitiCodes claims to have developed a variety of security protocols to safeguard the money of investors. The information stored in BitiCodes database is secured, making it invulnerable to hacking attempts. The platform further mentions that it has various SSL certificates to safeguard the customer’s data.

High Success Rate

The most important thing is that the cryptocurrency trading robot software boasts a high rate of success. Because the software utilizes advanced technology to scan markets to make trades at the optimum timing, the algorithm can make profitable trades. The BitiCodes website states they believe that the AI algorithm is able to achieve a rate of success of 96 percent. However, this hasn’t been confirmed by us.

BitiCodes: Platform Costs

The most important thing to consider prior to making a decision to invest in a crypto platform is to examine the costs of trading. But, BitiCodes claims to offer services with no fees. Investors interested in joining can sign up with BitiCodes and make use of the automatic software without having to pay any subscription charges or other charges for trading. But, BitiCodes does take a commission from the revenue generated on its website. Due to the insufficient transparency of the site, we are unable to verify the amount BitiCodes accepts as commission. The table below gives an overview of the different costs and fees.

Trading FeesNone
Account FeesNone
Software CostNone
CommissionYes (Amount not mentioned)

Is BitiCodes a Scam or Legit?

BitiCodes claims to offer various benefits that protect the interest of investors. Investors are able to gain access to the platform after establishing an account and registering. In addition, BitiCodes 96% claimed success rate is likely to be profitable for investors of all kinds. We cannot however confirm these claims without the features offered by the platform. Although the bot for trading crypto provides a range of ways to safeguard clients‘ funds but this isn’t verified yet. BitiCodes is open regarding its minimum deposit of $250 required to start trading. While this may seem high, the application states that it does not charge extra account management or trading charges. Additionally the demo account serves as an opportunity to try the features of the software without risking your actual funds. For a better overview of the platform investors can go to the BitiCodes site to test the various features on offer. Visit BitiCodes Website

How to Start trading with BitiCodes

After having a look at the website after reviewing the website, investors can decide whether they would like to start trading using BitiCodes. The following sections offer the step-by-step instructions on how to utilize BitiCodes today.

Step 1: Open an Account

Go to the BitiCodes website, and then begin with the process of registration. Fill in your complete names along with email addresses, phone numbers and numbers to start. Click on’register securely now to proceed.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

After registration has been completed, investors are required to transfer funds in their account. BitiCodes affirms that it will accept the deposit of fiat currencies using debit or credit cards as well as bank transfers. Make a minimum deposit of $250 to begin.

Step 3: Demo Account

Demo trading accounts are a option to use prior to trading with the main account. Investors who are new to BitiCodes can take advantage of this option and start trading using this BitiCodes trading software without placing any money in the account.

Step 4: Trade

The last step is to get started trading using BitiCodes. Investors are able to customize their preferences for trading by choosing their most preferred markets and preferences for robots. Investors can turn the software in automatic mode and let it to use the AI technology to start searching markets and opening new trades.