Ohio Residents Targeted by Crypto Scams: Protect Your Funds

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• Ohio law enforcement agencies are warning residents about crypto scams targeting elderly citizens.
• The Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center (ONIC) became aware of the scams through drug-related investigations.
• The Federal Trade Commission is advising consumers to be on alert for suspicious behavior like sending funds via bitcoin ATMs and requests to invest in digital currency sites.

Ohio Residents Warned of Crypto Scams Targeting Elderly

Ohio law enforcement agencies have issued a warning to the public about growing crypto scams that are targeting members of the elderly community. The Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center (ONIC) has discovered these scams in relation to recent drug-related investigations and urged those most at risk—the elderly—to take extra caution when dealing with any cryptocurrency-based transactions.

Risk Factors for Elderly

The elderly population is particularly vulnerable to cryptocurrency fraud due to their lack of knowledge around modern technology, as well as their potential financial savings from retirement funds or other investments. Andy Wilson, director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, commented: „We are working closely together [with local law enforcement] to make resources available for consumers who believe they have been a target.“

Warning Signs

The Federal Trade Commission is urging everyone, but especially seniors, to watch out for signs of a scam including requests for money or payment transfers via Bitcoin ATMs or other cryptocurrency tools, messages from people on dating apps offering investment advice, and any emails or texting asking you to part with your money. No legitimate business will ever ask customers to send funds this way nor will they contact you through social media messaging.

How To Stay Safe

To stay safe online and protect yourself against fraudsters using cryptocurrencies: check all website addresses carefully before entering any personal information; never click on links sent by unknown sources; keep track of all payments made online; avoid giving away too much personal information; pay attention if someone asks you for cash instead of card payments; and always double-check payment details before confirming any transactions.

What To Do If You’re Scammed

If you believe that you may have been scammed by someone using cryptocurrency then it’s important that you report it immediately so authorities can investigate further and work towards recovering lost funds where possible. In addition, make sure that you change all passwords associated with accounts used during the alleged scam process as soon as possible in order to prevent further fraudulent activities taking place in your name or with your data.